Field Management Unit (FMU)

All implementing Range Offices of the DMU are designated as the “Field Management Unit” (FMU) vide Department of Forest Resolution no. 2623-For/G/6M-38/12 dated 21.12.2012. The concerned Range Officer in charge of the Range will head the FMU, supported by the Foresters and Forest Guards of the Range. FMU shall ensure Project implementation at the range level and will have following major functions:

(I). Execution and supervision of works, including hiring of adequate labour etc.

(II). Technical advice and support to FPCs, EDCs, and SHGs etc. at the village level.

(III). Prepare technical papers, reports, plans and maps etc.

The FMU will prepare the site specific development plans, prepare necessary materials, undertake the works and document the physical and financial progress.