Project Components

Sl No. Components Sub-Components
1 Afforestation and Allied Works 1A Afforestation of Degraded Forest Land in Recorded Forest Area
1B Tree Planting Outside Forest (Social Forestry)
1C Soil & Moisture Conservation in Forestry Treatment Areas
1D Production of Quality Planting Material
2 Biodiversity Conservation 2A Improvement of Wildlife Habitat in Protected Areas
2B Mitigation of Man-Animal Conflict
2C Research on Wildlife and Biodiversity
3 Community Development 3A Community Mobilization
3B Micro Planning
3C Income Generation Activities
3D Community Development Infrastructure
4 Institutional Capacity Development 4A Base line Survey of the State’s Forest Resource at the Start of the Project
4B Training & Capacity Building of Project Implementing Officials, Field & Office Staffs and Other Stakeholders
4C Infrastructure Development for TPOFA (Social forestry), Training, Research, GIS, Forest Protection etc including Building, Equipment & Vehicle
4D Forestry Research Activities
4E Mid-term Monitoring & Evaluation including periodic biodiversity & community development studies
4F End-term Monitoring and Evaluation
5 Consulting Services International Consultants
Local Consultants
Supporting Staff